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5 in 1 Natural Face Moisturizer


Golden Light

Sun protection, light coverage, and plant-powered skincare in one easy, clean step? It's true—zinc oxide shields and soothes, while hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, and red algae nourish deeply to lock in moisture. Infused with pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea, the skin-enhancing formula supports a rejuvenated, radiant complexion. Plus, thanks to the TSA-friendly packaging (hello, airless-pump tube!), this effective, take-everywhere staple can go wherever you do.

Suggested Use: 

This is designed to moisturize the skin as well so this can be applied directly to the skin without a moisturizer if desired. 

Color Guide: 
Fair: For very fair skin similar to Nicole Kidman or Dakota Fanning
Light: For light skin tones similar to Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes
Golden Light: For skin tones with a golden undertone similar to Jennifer Aniston, or Sandra Oh.
Medium: For medium and olive skin tones similar to Eva Mendez or Halle Barry

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